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  • UDI presents a consistent and credible position to city, provincial and federal politicians and administrators which benefits all members.

  • The numerous political and administrative issues that affect the development industry as a whole are researched and addressed by UDI in order to minimize negative impacts on our industry.

  • Through UDI negotiations with various approving authorities, considerable cost savings in the development of residential, commercial and industrial projects have accrued to the industry and its members.

  • Membership in UDI provides an opportunity for developers, consultants and other professionals to meet on a regular basis to discuss and resolve problems of mutual concern.

  • Regular information updates via UDI newsletters, the UDI website, and email provide every member with information regarding industry news, planning issues, development standards, development agreement parameters and provincial and federal issues that affect all types of real estate development.

    You or your organization should be a member of UDI if you are in the business of developing land for commercial, industrial or residential uses, or by providing goods and services to the development industry. If you deal with zoning agreements, development agreements, City Departments such as Planning, Property and Development, Public Works, Water and Waste, Parks etc. or Provincial Departments on land use, land titles, the Municipal Act or the City of Winnipeg Act, you are a prime candidate for membership.


    Sustaining Developers
    Engineer Associate
       $7,500 (base) (plus GST)
       $1,000 (plus GST)
       $1,000 (plus GST)
       $500 (plus GST)

    Contact our office at to obtain an application package. Membership will be pro-rated based on date of application. The membership year is a calendar year.

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